Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Smiles

Just a picture of Will showing why everyone who meets him can't help but fall in love with him. That smile of his melts our hearts.

"I don't even have to try. I'm just naturally sweet!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

William's Wacky Words

Just thought I'd start a list of old and new words in Will's vocab. We will update this one constantly as his vocabulary grows.

He's got Momma, Dada, Nonna, and Poppa down, and is attempting to say Grammy and Grandpa, which is proving a little more difficult because of the double consonants. Beebee sounds more like "Beh Beh," and Eli is "Eya" and Ezra is "Ehra" When he attempts to say Elena, the "lena" part is emphasized which is so cute. He can't seem to figure out the 'C' sound so Carrie and Corey aren't in the vocab yet, (but we're working on it) and Lulu is addressed with 2 grunts.

Random words:
"Bahl" - Ball
"Bah Bah" - Bottle
"Bah" - Bath
"Buh" - Book
"Dah" - Down

"Moe" - More or Moe (Ben's parent's dog)

"Me me mer mer me" - I want that food (6/21/10)
"Pickle" - Pickle or any random object (6/21/10)
"Umph umph" - Dog (7/10/10)
"Umnal" - Stuffed animals (7/10/10)
"Nanna" - Banana (7/14/10)
"Bac-bahl" - Basketball (7/27/10)
"Cog ga" - Chaulk (8/3/10)
"Gah" - Draw (8/3/10)
"Dat do" - Thank you (8/5/10)
"Ma-moe" - Lawn mower (8/21/10)

"Hut hut" - Football (8/23/10)
"Ta-gur" - Tiger (9/25/10)

"Peas" - Please (10/5/10)
"Niiice" - Nice (10/11/10)
"Piece" - Peace (10/14/10)
"Egg" - Egg
"Tuhr-toll" - Turtle
"Papickle" - Popsicle