Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Big Helper

Lately Will has become our shadow and honestly, I can't speak for Krissy, it feels more like he's become primarily mine. When I get home from work in the evening or if it's the weekend, if there's stuff for me to do, I'm taking care of it, and my BIG helper is right along with me.

Since we've been working in the yard a lot lately, Will has been following me around copying everything I do with his own shovel, wheel barrel, and his version of work gloves. His are of course decorated with Lighting McQueen from Disney's "Cars" movie. I love my big helper, even when he gets in the way or sprays me with water while taking care of our plants. He's helped us put together his swing set with a screw driver and he's even gone as far as to help us pick-up the laundry. The best is the way he even copies the way I hold my broom when I'm sweeping out the garage!

One of his recent helping obsessions though is with taking out the garbage! I guess we should be really pleased about this while he's volunteering to help without being asked and without the incentive of an allowance. I can't even get out the door with a garbage bag without him running up to me screaming to grab part of the bag or to take it out himself. This has even gone as far to include rolling out and bringing in the garbage cans.

He has to have a hand in everything we do, no matter how big or small, and we're enjoying it all!

Helping Dada by taking out the trash.

This kid is a hard worker!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday William!

It came and went like a flash, but we enjoyed every second of it. Yep, Will is officially two years old! Insert happy and sad tears here...Where has the time gone?

It all started out on Friday, April 1st, which of course was his official birthday. The entire day was filled with phone calls from family and friends wishing our sweet baby a wonderful and happy day, and of course I got plenty of special time with my boy just playing together at the house.

That night, Ben, myself, and Will did our regular Friday night Lent ritual and had cheese pizza together. Throughout the evening Will got visits from Nonna and Poppa who helped (or watched us) put his new swingset together and brought cake and sang happy birthday to our little man. Although it didn't get completed until Sunday, the swingset was a hit and has been played on daily since. Once they left, Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Carrie, and soon to be Uncle Ryan came by for yet another rendition of Happy Birthday, cake, and gifts galore. He thoroughly enjoyed opening his Toy Story presents and train set.

Before we knew it, Friday was over and Saturday, the day of his party, arrived. As space and parking is an issue at our house, we decided to have his birthday party at Missy and Philips. It lasted from 1-3, and guess what the theme was??? That's right...Toy Story! There were Toy Story banners, table cloths, confetti, balloons, cake, and of course a Toy Story Fun Jump. Will enjoyed jumping as did all of his little friends.

By the time cake and presents rolled around it was nearly 2:30 and a much needed break from all of the jumping and playing. Will definitely enjoyed the cake and especially enjoyed opening presents wanting to play with each one immediately. And soon after, the Toy Story themed Birthday bash of 2011 came to a close.

To sum it all up, it was a perfect day for our little man and he had an absolute blast! We would like to send a few thank yous to everyone. Thank you to all of our Lafayette friends (old and young) who came over to celebrate this special day with us. Also, thank you to the Byrd family for traveling from Alexandria, LA and also thank you to Aunt Carrie and Soon to be Uncle Ryan for driving all the way from Dallas to see your nephew on his special day. We'd like to give a big shout out and thanks to Missy and Philip for graciously opening and offering their home for the party. Most importantly thanks to Nonna and Poppa, Grammy and Grandpa and both of our families for continuing to love sweet Will unconditionally and for spoiling him rotten...What a blessing it is that we all live so close and get to share Will's special milestones together!

Since I am starting to sound like I'm giving an acceptance speech I will stop here and end simply with...


Attemping to peek at his presents.

The kid loves Barney!

Party Pic with Nonna and Poppa!

One year later... still a pig!

Two dorks in their hats.

Will and future Uncle Ryan checking out the sandbox toys.

All smiles with his Buzz Lightyear camera.