Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love my Cousins

Will has come to really enjoy being around his cousins. They are so sweet to watch together. Eli (7) is the oldest of the cousins and takes on the role of the "babysitter." He is the first one to help when Will needs to eat or be changed. He's also good at entertaining Little Bean while in the car and protecting his eyes from the sun. Ezra (5) is just a sweetheart with Will. He would probably kiss his face off if we would let him. Ezra has been impatiently waiting for us to let him hold Will by himself, and last weekend he was finally given the chance. It made his day and he did such a good job supporting Will's head and neck. Finally there is Elena (6 months), the youngest of the Hoover kids. Her and Will are still trying to figure each other out. Elena loves to give Will kisses and the other day, we laid them next to each other, she grabbed his hand, and started sucking on it. It was so sweet. It is such a blast to watch them all get together and figure each other out. As I say all the time, how lucky we are to be so close to our families!

Ezra, Will, Eli, Elena, and Lulu

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is Here

Well, considering there was a heat index of 108 degrees in Southern Louisiana today, it is safe to say that summer is officially here. Apparently it has not been this hot in this area since the 1930's. To keep cool, Will has spent a lot of time in his hippopotamus pool, and he loves every minute of it. He is definitely a water baby.

Relaxing before getting in the water.

"Ooh, that's nice!"

Chillaxin' poolside with Mom.

Drying off with Dad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Baby

Not much else needs to be said other than you know you have a happy baby when he wakes up from a nap like this.

My heart smiles when I look at these. I love him so much.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love You, Goodnight

Krissy and I really enjoy reading to Will, and I think he enjoys it even more! Even when he's not feeling well, story time always seems to calm him. Some of his books are very short, so short, that I've memorized them. One of the stories I like reading to him at night is a story titled I Love You, Goodnight, by Jon Buller and Susan Schade. It's far from the most complicated piece of literature ever written, but it sure is sweet when he stares up at me as I recite it to him.

For your reading pleasure, here is I Love You, Goodnight.

I love you like blueberry pancakes.
I love you like strawberry milkshakes.

I love you like frogs love flies.
I love you like pigs love pies.

I love you like mice love cheese.
I love you like vines love trees.

I love you like the wind loves blowing.
I love you like plants love growing.

I love you like boots love splashing in puddles.
I love you like bears love kisses and cuddles.

I love you like the moon at night; big and round, and warm and bright.
I love you, goodnight.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blessed Baptism

Will's Baptism outfit, minus his cross bib

Baptism booties

On Saturday, June 6th, our beautiful baby boy was baptized at St. Rita Catholic Church in Alexandria, LA. He was so great. He made it through a full hour of Mass with only one little crying spell, and was absolutely amazing during the Baptismal Ceremony (even though he cried sporadically throughout the entire thing). It was such a special event and we look forward to watching him embark on his spiritual journey.

This was also a special day because we got to share the baptism with the Byrd family and their son, Ayden John. To put it simply, it was sweet.

After the baptism, the Byrd and Pierce families held a party in the boys' honor. We called it the "Big Baptism Bash of 09' " (T-Shirts will be available for purchase soon.) We would like to thank the Byrd's for opening their home up to everyone, and for providing amazing food, as well as a Slip-N-Slide for the event. Ya'll are awesome! We would also like to thank the Pierce, Holles, and Hoover clans for coming up as well. It truly meant a lot to us to have you there for this very blessed event. We would also like to thank Missy and Corey (Krissy's sister and brother) for accepting the offer to be Will's Godparents and participating in the ceremony.

Will with his Godmother and Godfather, Bibi (Missy) and Corey.

The Pierces and Byrds following Will's and Ayden's Baptisms.

(More pics to follow)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary

It's amazing that it's already been four years since you took my breath away. You've been an amazing wife and friend, and are now an amazing mother.

I love you,

Then - Happy couple

Now - Happy family

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

His Future's So Bright...

Will's got to wear shades!

Yikes, look at those needles!

Well, Will had his first set of immunization shots on Monday. Poor thing was given two in one thigh, one in the other thigh, and a dropper in his mouth. He sucked down the one from the dropper like a trooper. He had previously been on medicine for thrush, so he was a pro at taking liquid from medicine droppers. In fact, the nurse laughed when she didn't have to squeeze it in his mouth because he sucked it out so quickly. Then there were the shots :( As the nurse pulled out the needles, my heart started pounding. She stuck it in his leg and he had this look on his face like he was thinking about whether or not it hurt. All of a sudden, he realized it hurt very much, curled that bottom lip out, and started to cry. He only cried for a second though and was such a trooper. As the nurse was leaving the room, she looked at my Mom and I with a few tears in our eyes and said, "Are you two okay?" It was nice of her to ask. Anyway, as you can see in the pictures below Will had Bugs Bunny band aids put over the shot areas and they practically swallowed his legs. Ben was so proud of his boy as well. He could not go to the doctor as he had meetings all day at work, but I figured that was best, as we all know his history of being around needles.

After the shots, Will's Nonna got him a "Baby's Play Place" for being such a big boy during his shots. Those needles were big and he totally deserved it! It is brightly colored and tons of fun. I like it because it is super soft and is a nice spot to lay him on the floor for a midday nap. Anyway, it is one of his new favorite things to do during the day. It's fun to watch him start to recognize the different objects and smile as he learns what each item does. It's also great for tummy time. His neck is getting so strong!

Look at those band aids. (Disregard me please.)

Fascinated by the musical bee.

"Look what I can do Dad!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Friends

Best buddies, Will and Ayden

Will turned two months old yesterday, and even as young as he is, he already has a best friend. Our friends Lucas and Gaynell, had their baby boy on March 19, just thirteen days before Will was born. Even though they are only two weeks apart, there is quite a difference in their sizes. So much in fact, that we all gave Ayden the nickname Chunk, and Will the nickname Shrimp. It's all in good fun of course. They have lots of fun together! Their favorite time together so far has been hanging in Ayden's crib staring at the dalmation mobil above their heads. We look forward to seeing them grow together. We are especially looking forward to their baptism together this Saturday, and the Big Baptism Bash 09' to follow!

Chunk and Shrimp hanging in the crib

"We're bros till the end."

All smiles and all eyes

"We weren't ready. You didn't ask us to say cheese!"