Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love my Cousins

Will has come to really enjoy being around his cousins. They are so sweet to watch together. Eli (7) is the oldest of the cousins and takes on the role of the "babysitter." He is the first one to help when Will needs to eat or be changed. He's also good at entertaining Little Bean while in the car and protecting his eyes from the sun. Ezra (5) is just a sweetheart with Will. He would probably kiss his face off if we would let him. Ezra has been impatiently waiting for us to let him hold Will by himself, and last weekend he was finally given the chance. It made his day and he did such a good job supporting Will's head and neck. Finally there is Elena (6 months), the youngest of the Hoover kids. Her and Will are still trying to figure each other out. Elena loves to give Will kisses and the other day, we laid them next to each other, she grabbed his hand, and started sucking on it. It was so sweet. It is such a blast to watch them all get together and figure each other out. As I say all the time, how lucky we are to be so close to our families!

Ezra, Will, Eli, Elena, and Lulu

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  1. That really is so fun to be close to family! It is fun to see the love that just grows and grows. It will be a blessing for years to come!