Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Friends

Best buddies, Will and Ayden

Will turned two months old yesterday, and even as young as he is, he already has a best friend. Our friends Lucas and Gaynell, had their baby boy on March 19, just thirteen days before Will was born. Even though they are only two weeks apart, there is quite a difference in their sizes. So much in fact, that we all gave Ayden the nickname Chunk, and Will the nickname Shrimp. It's all in good fun of course. They have lots of fun together! Their favorite time together so far has been hanging in Ayden's crib staring at the dalmation mobil above their heads. We look forward to seeing them grow together. We are especially looking forward to their baptism together this Saturday, and the Big Baptism Bash 09' to follow!

Chunk and Shrimp hanging in the crib

"We're bros till the end."

All smiles and all eyes

"We weren't ready. You didn't ask us to say cheese!"

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  1. So cute, Justin has friend like this. There are pictures of them hanging out drinking bottles in diapers. They call each other thier "bortha from another motha", I know you've heard it before but it is so true of them. Now they are all grown up, and still friends.