Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cooing Up a Storm

In addition to basically smiling on command, Will has started cooing back at us when we talk to him! It's amazing to witness his young mind comprehending the early stages of communication. Basically anything Krissy says gets a sweet cooing response, most likely due to her naturally higher pitched voice, while for me, it takes a little more effort, because I have to change my voice a little (that's why I sound like an idiot in the video). So far, the words that we say to draw the most coos from him seem to be "hey" and "hello". He attempts to pronounce them by making coos of one or two syllables. It's pretty amazing! Will also seems to be entertaining himself with his new found talent. When we set him down and step away, he starts talking to himself. Sometimes, he'll even make louder coos to draw our attention, which of course always works.

The video below captures Will cooing in Krissy's arms after a bath. Though the video is only 60 seconds long, Will's conversation with us lasted a good 5 minutes!

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  1. How amazing and wonderful. What a great gift you have been given. Soooo happy for you!