Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smiles with Daddy!

Attention must be paid to the newest cute thing that Ben and Will do together. Ben usually takes the reigns in the evenings after work with Will, especially for feedings. After each feeding, Will always has a very satisfied, drunk look on his face and is as stubborn as ever because he NEVER burps when we want him to. In between burping attempts, Ben will lay a very full Will back in his arms and they will look into each others eyes. Ben will ask Will in a soft (yet still manly) voice, "Can you smile for daddy?" Sure enough, Will contemplates it for a while, then gives Ben the sweetest open mouthed smile on the planet. It is their new little routine, and I love watching them together. Of course, when I try to do it, Will looks at me with those serious eyes and I can tell he is thinking, "Come on mom, that's something special between my dad and me. I'm with you all day. Give the poor man something." I just think it is so precious and I am in awe every single day of how comfortable Ben has become playing the "dad" role. Ben is so amazing in that he always finds time to get on here and talk about me as a mom, and I realized I don't gloat enough about what a wonderful father he is to our son. We are so blessed!

Ben looking very manly with the boppy pillow. Own it darlin!

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