Sunday, May 17, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Child

There's something special about taking photos of your child. In Will's case, it's how the camera captures his innocence, as I focus on his eyes, and he stares deeply back at me. On top of the connection we have as photographer and model, it's amazing to think that I'm in a sense capturing photos of myself.

To the people who said that my baby would be photographed tirelessly, you were right! He is my favorite photography subject, I can never take enough pictures of him, and it doesn't hurt that his Momma loves having his picture taken. He's growing up so fast, I don't want to miss one moment!

The whole set up of our photo shoots is an event! I check the sun to make sure we're getting enough ambient light in the room while Krissy preps the model. Then I go around the condo to grab addition lamps to make sure everyone is ridiculously good looking. The tripod is positioned next to the window, and the room is cleaned to make sure nothing extra finds its way into the pictures. Will is then brought up to the window or onto the bed. I think he knows whens he's having his picture taken, because he turns his cuteness knob up to 11. This well behaved modeling lasts for a good 5 minutes before the flood gates open, and he calls it quits. Usually we get a handful of really good pictures and a pile of blurry ones, with Will spastically moving his arms or head around.

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