Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Little Protege'

Well, it's about time I had a little girl to follow in the great footsteps of her Nanny...

You all know that I am a huge fan of dancing around the house to whatever music comes on, or to my own songs that I'm singing to myself, and nobody really embraced the idea of me teaching these wonderful songs and dance moves to the little boys of the family, Eli and Ezra. They were more apt to go outside and play sports anyway. And of course, my beautiful baby boy will probably skip out on the dance moves as well. So, since my sister finally decided to pop out a baby girl, Elena (my Godchild), I was so excited because I finally got my little Miss Priss to follow in my footsteps. Don't get me wrong, later on down the road I will teach her all kinds of things, like how to throw a football better than a boy and teach her my mad tennis skills, but for now I think she should play the girly girl. So, without further ado I introduce you to Elena, my little protege'.

"What kind of family have I been born into?"

"Okay, I'm a little more comfortable with this now."

"Pretty sparkles!"

"Hmm, is this dress edible?"

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