Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking a Stand

Trouble's got a new tactic

Most babies are supposed to learn to sit up before they learn to pull themselves up and stand. Not Will. In his book of non-stop exploring, sitting just doesn't cut it. By sitting, he limits himself to the floor where non of the fun things Mom and Dad leave on the furniture, out of the way, can be found.

Will's actually been pulling himself up for a few week now, but lately, he's gotten very good at it. We no longer need to be hovering over him as he holds on to his baby gate or the edge of the couch. He's taken a couple of good falls (a relative term for over protective parents), nothing serious, but now he lands like a pro, right on his soft little tushy.

We're so proud of him, and by the picture, you can tell that he's pretty proud of himself too.

"Look what a big boy I am!"

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