Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Shoes to Fill

Every morning while I'm getting ready for work Will usually decides to wake up. Because he tends to sleep in our bed in the morning, he gets a chance to watch me go through my daily routines. Part of this routine is of course putting on shoes (I don't know what they'd say at work if I came without any). Will loves to help me get my clothes out and has been smart enough to recognize that I wear my brown shoes quite a bit. Usually he just pulls the shoes out and sets them on the bathroom floor for me, but one morning while picking out my clothes, I turned and saw that he had decided to try my shoes on. It was quite a sight, and you could tell that he felt both proud and grown-up (I think this is one of the rights of passage for little kids, to try on their parent's clothes). I let Will where the shoes all over the house, because it was so funny to see him try to walk around with "clown shoes" on. Ultimately he ended up at the garage door with a rake in his hand and demanded that he was going to leave with me. What a goober!

Such a grown-up!

"I'm ready for work Dada."

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