Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living in a Box

You always hear come Christmas time or around birthdays that you might as well just give your kids a box and a red ball and they'll be a lot happier. Well I guess we can return all of the "cool" gifts we got Will for Christmas, because I think he'd prefer a diaper box.

This evening while we were playing in Will's room, he decided to grab an empty diaper box and proceeded to entertain himself for quite some time. Our little man enjoyed drumming on the box, acting like it was boat, and then crawling through it. By the time his imagination was running out, he made one last attempt to call it his "night night" and then laid down for a long 3 second nap on his very comfy new bed.

Before we know it, he'll call the box his home and ask to live out on the driveway. We hope not.

"This is way more fun than anything you're getting me for Christmas."

"This box has lots of room!"

Looks comfy!

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