Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Curious George Gets a Diaper Change

One day last week Will came up to me with Curious George and asked to change him into a diaper just like he wears. Seeing how Will fully knows the process of a diaper change, he proceeded to gather a diaper and a box of wipes. He laid his pal George down on the floor and began wiping George's rear end with some wipes... and then more wipes... and then even more wipes, until I'm sure if George wasn't so hairy, you could see your reflection in his back side. Will was so proud to be able to help out George, and you could tell by George's face that he was feeling better too. We hope this means that if and when a new baby eventually arrives that Will will treat him or her with the same kind of care.

Now what do we do if Will's stuffed snake needs a diaper change? That's going to be a tough one.

"Oh no, it looks like George needs a diaper change!"

"Let me wipe his butt clean."

Still wiping...

A clean and changed monkey is a happy monkey.

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