Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Swims of the Year

While many people in other parts of the country are still sitting in snow, Will had his first few swims of the year over the weekend. On Saturday, Will was invited across the street for a swim date with his new friend Ava, who is 19 months old. Of course, he was more interested in all of her cool toys than the pool, but he slid into the pool a few times. Ava and Will have become fast friends, hanging out in the afternoons, but sadly they are trying to sell their home and move into a bigger place, so we won't live as close anymore. At least we'll still be in the area so they can continue to play together. On Monday, Will had another swim date at our house, this time with Elena. The water was a little chilly, but somehow they managed to get over it and swim like fish. He especially enjoyed putting the slide from his swingset in the pool and sliding quickly into the water. We definitely have a swimming baby on our hands, which means that lessons will be right around the corner. Since our little guy loves the water so much, Ben and I (mainly I) have contemplated getting one of those big blue pools to put in the backyard. While I know they are not the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world, Will would definitely enjoy it (as would we) and they come with filters so the daily task of filling, dumping the grassy/dirty water, and refilling the blow up pool then waiting for it to warm up again would be over. We'll see what happens.

What a ham...

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