Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Ah Man."

Just a sweet photo of our little boy.

What can we say, every little kid has his or her own speaking quirks. Though some can represent developmental issues, others are just hilarious things that our children pick up from their parents. For instance, our niece Elena responds to everything you tell her or ask her with a quick "What?!?" Obviously she picked that little quirk up from a household that is always full of excitement and tends to be hard to hear at times. With the noise comes a lot of people responding to conversations with "What?"

Will's speaking quirk is a bit different. Instead of saying "What?", a phrase that is used heavily in the English language, Will tends to lean on the phrase "Ah man." Let me clarify that he does say many many other things, but when confronted with a problem or if he's corrected for doing something, an "Ah man." is always his go to saying.

We've been struggling to get Will to identify his colors. He seems to know everything else but them. Either he's stubborn or he just doesn't quite understand the concept yet. Regardless, up until very recently, he get's a lot of them wrong when we ask him which color we're holding. Just the other night I had a blue block in my hand and Will told me it was green. I responded by telling him that the color was actually blue. He then proceeded to take the block out of my hand and said, "Blue block. Ah man." This happened with almost every color. "Yellow block. Ah man." "Red block. Ah man." etc. etc. etc.

Thinking back, he must have picked it up from me while we play sports. Whenever he misses the ball or has a poor throw I must say a lot of "Ah man." If that's the worst thing he picks up (fat chance), I think we'll be alright.

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