Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Uncle Corey's a What?!?!

Something surprising started on Christmas morning last year and has been going on ever since. For some added background, Will started calling Corey "Uncle Biscuit" out of nowhere one day last year. Since that time we've all kind of referred to Corey as Uncle Biscuit from time to time. On Christmas morning, Corey received another nickname from Will.

For some reason, Will thought it would be funny to start calling Corey "Uncle Sock." Unfortunately for a two and a half year old, he didn't, and hasn't pronounced the word sock correctly. Let's just say that in Will's vocabulary for some reason sock starts with a "c." You can imagine that this has made for some awkward and hilarious visits with Corey.

Will shushing his Uncle (cough cough) Sock for saying a bad word!

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