Saturday, September 22, 2012

Turf Tykes Time!

Today Will started Turf Tykes soccer through LYSA.  It's a great program specifically designed for 3 year olds to teach them basic soccer skills.  They spend 45 minutes playing games to teach them skills from kicking to trapping the ball, then spend the last 10 minutes in a little pick up game.  Last night, we had a little dress rehearsal in which we decked Will out in his soccer attire from his jersey to his cleats.  He was so stinkin adorable.  With the uniform came his transformation into "coccer (soccer) man."  He was running around the house kicking his soccer ball and scoring goals, falling to the ground dramatically after every good kick.

We were hoping coccer man would show himself today on the field, but it was quite the contrary.  As we got to the field, sweet boy got nervous and shy and took a while to warm up to playing with his new turf tykes friends.  After much encouragement and much help from Eli (who ended up playing the entire time with him) Will finally started getting a little more comfortable with kicking the ball around and even cracked a smile once or twice.  It was quite hot too, so that may have played a factor in his lack of eager participation in the days events.  When all was said and done, he did score a few goals and left the game anxious to go back next weekend.  So, we shall see what the next session holds. 

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