Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What a Crazy Ride It's Been!

We joked early on in this pregnancy that whatever we were having, the initials of the baby needed to be E.R.for Emergency Room. Not being overly dramatic about it, those first three months were rough for me and Krissy. After having such a worry free pregnancy with Will, Lily started our relationship by bringing us nothing but pain, worry, and drama to our lives. Maybe this means she's getting it out of her system early and will be a perfect angel her entire life! It seemed to always be something new. Every trip to the hospital or doctor's office always seemed worse than before. From endless cramping in weird places, to bleeding, to globs of who knows what, and even a subchorionic hemorrhage, and a misdiagnosis of fibroids... nothing seemed to go right.

Krissy has been amazing throughout! Her basketball belly--which she's had for an incredibly long time I might add--is a constant reminder of the lack of comfort and stress that she's experienced for the past 8 months. We're in the home stretch now. Ever discomfort appears to be normal. It's been a crazy 8 months and we're luckily a long ways away from those early ER trips. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing over the next five weeks, and the only stressful trip we make to the hospital is the one in which our family is about to be blessed with our little girl. We can't wait to meet our sweet Lillian Joy!

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