Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grammy and Grampup Meet Lily

Grammy and Grampup came back down South from their rest and relaxation in Michigan to meet Lily, grandchild #3, first granddaughter, for them.  I'm not sure who enjoyed their visit more, Will because he had someone to play with 24/7 or Ben and me, who enjoyed both their company and the much needed distraction from the newly exhausting (but fun) world of having two children.  While we really enjoyed watching Grammy and Grampup enjoy meeting Lily, we especially appreciated the fact they went out of their way to make Will feel important, which is hard for new parents to do in those first few weeks of having a newborn who stays up ALL NIGHT LONG.  We really treasured our time with Grammy and Grampup as we knew we wouldn't be able to get up to Michigan this summer.  Their next visit will be around Thanksgiving when they come back down South to thaw out a bit.  I think the pics below paint a good picture of what a fabulous time was had by all!
Mother and Son

Playing with canoes in the sink.  (sorry for bathroom shot, but too cute to pass up.)

Sleepy time with Grampup

Painting dinosaurs

Snuggle time with Grammy

She didn't have to tell this one to "stuff it."  Ha!

More snuggle time!

Water fun

Smiles with Grampup


Proud Grandparents

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