Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amie and Justin Meet Will

Aunt Amie is such a natural.

Did I say natural?

Recently our good friends from Atlanta, Amie and Justin, came down to Louisiana to visit with us for a couple of days, and of course meet Mr. Will.

Amie taught with Krissy our first year in Asheville, and we absolutely fell in love with her sense of humor, honesty, and excitment for SEC football. Her personality and compassion mimics Krissy's spot on, and because of that, she was amazing with Will! I can't remember him even making a peep when she was holding him. I'm sure he did, but for the sake of being sweet, let's just stick with it. Her husband Justin was great with Will too! Every time we hang out with him, we learn more about what a great guy he is. I can't remember how much experience he has with little babies, but if he's inexperienced, you couldn't tell.
They were both so great with him, and will make great parents one day! Hint, hint.

Thanks guys for traveling all the way down to the Dirty South for us, drinking drive-thru daiquiris, eating Cajun food, playing Wii, and just hanging out! We had a blast, and miss you both so much!

Divas with bug glasses.

Trikke dorks

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  1. Awe! Wow! Those were such nice things you said about us. It has to be said that we think just as highly of the two of you! We love & miss you guys!