Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mmmmm... Bean Burrito

Little Bean with his bean shirt, created by his Aunt Carrie.

I love our little rituals and sayings that we have with Will! They're never well thought out, they just kind of happen, and we continue to say them or act in certain ways like we've been doing them our whole lives. Our parents did it with us, and we're just carrying on the tradition.

Case in point. Every night we give Will a bath, and once he is bathed, I take him from Krissy and wrap him up in a towel. Now for some reason one day I decided to call Will my Little Bean Burrito, seeing that he's our Bean and he looked like a burrito wrapped up in the towel. Makes sense, right? The best part of my Burrito is that he always smells good right after his bath, so when I go to tell him how good he smells, I end up making Cookie Monster sounds on his stomach to get him to laugh. This has become such a traditional for him that he has come to expect to be tickled right after his bath. As soon as he's wrapped up, he kind of looks at me with those eyes that say, "Hey Dad I'm ready to start laughing!" So I over indulge myself in a late night snack of Bean Burrito. Will absolutely loves it! He laughs and laughs, and sticks out his tongue when he smiles. Tonight he screamed (in a good way) so loudly that it left my ear ringing.

I sure do love our new little rituals, and I sure do love my Bean Burrito!

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