Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Dancin' and Splashin' in the Rain

During a much needed rain storm today in Lafayette, I decided to take Will outside for a while so we could sit and listen to the pitter patter. After a few minutes, simply observing the rain was not enough for myself or my little guy, so I had him hold his hand out to get it wet. To test the waters a little more, I carried Will out into the rain to see his reaction, and the grin from ear to ear was a pretty clear sign that he loved it.

Before I knew it I put him down and he walked out into the rain by himself, making sure I was only a few steps behind him of course. The whole experience became even cooler for him once I showed him how to stomp and splash in the puddles. He giggled and smiled his little heart out the entire time we were out there, stopping to dip his hand in deep puddles and reaching for various leaves, rocks, and worms floating about.

The whole time we were out there getting soaked, I just took it all in and loved feeling like a kid again myself. These memories will last a lifetime.
Sitting in the rain.
"I wonder how deep this puddle is..."
We made some big splashes and loved the pitter patter of rain on our heads.

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