Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Rehearsal Dinner...Will is giving the stink eye

Over the weekend, we took a trip to my birth town of Anniston, Alabama for Lori and Joseph's wedding. To my delight, I was asked to be a bridesmaid and of course gladly accepted the responsibility. Lori and I have known each other since birth and even though we moved away when I was 5, our families have made it a point to see each other through the years and we have all remained very dear friends. So much in fact that we refer to them more as our family.

Anyway, that's enough of a history lesson. Back to the weekend. Once we all arrived in Anniston, the wedding festivities began. Manicures and pedicures, rehearsal dinners, hair appointments, etc. In the midst of it all, we still managed to get to spend some down time just hanging out with everyone and letting the kids run and play outside.

As a result of being in the wedding party, my schedule was fairly packed, so Ben took on the role of single dad for quite a bit of the weekend and I must say he did an amazing job (of course which was no surprise to me.) I think Will and him may have even bonded more than they already are. I was quite amused with Ben though on Saturday morning when he had only been with Will for a few hours while I got my hair done, by 9:00 am he said he was pooped and ready for bed. If nothing else, it gave him more of an appreciation for what stay at home mom's do all day :)

Before we knew it the wedding was over and it was off to the reception where we all spent most of our time on the dance floor (surprise surprise.) Will enjoyed watching everyone dance and even danced a little with Ben and me. To add yet another element of fun to the evening, Corey and Angie decided to jump in the pool fully clothed, dress pants, bridesmaid's dress and all, which as you can imagine encouraged many other guests and wedding party to follow suit. I was ready to jump in until I saw a dead bird in the pool, which totally grossed me out so I passed.

As the night closed we said goodbye to everyone and the next morning trekked the 8 hour drive back home. It's always fun to see our Alabama family, especially as each individual family grows. The best part about it all is watching all of our kids play, bond, and grow together just as we all did growing up. We feel very lucky to have them all in our lives and can't wait until we see everyone again!

Congrats Lori and Joseph!

Will enjoying a popsicle while taking a break from playing at the Cheatwood's house.

Will and Elena just chillin' at the reception and watching us make fools of ourselves on the dance floor.

The beautiful bride and me.

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