Thursday, May 13, 2010

Festival Fountain

This weekend was Festival International de Louisiane and we took Will to downtown Lafayette to soak up the scene. Mind you, we are still over protective parents and wouldn't take him close to the concert stages (too loud), but we did take him over to the the fountain and arts and crafts areas which were more child friendly.

The interactive fountain in downtown is a lot of fun! It's similar to many of the fountains that are found across the country. Jets shoot up randomly or in a pattern and a rubber pad below the spray allows people to run through the water with out getting too banged up. By the time we got to the plaza, it was hot, and there were a dozen other kids running around the jets and splashing in the puddles. Will has only been walking for a little while, so we didn't let him run free in the water, as we feared that he would slip on the hard ground or get knocked over by the spray. Instead, we held his hand and walked as close to the water as possible without getting completely drenched. As has happened in the past when Krissy and I think we have found an activity that Will will absolutely love, he instead shows little excitement. As was the case with the fountain, and he kind of seemed almost offended that we were getting him wet. Our little boy loves the bath and loves playing with a garden hose, but I guess fountains aren't yet on his favorites list. Though he wasn't the biggest fan of the experience for himself, he did find it humorous that his Mom and Dad were getting wet and acting like little kids.

Even though the fountain wasn't a thumbs up, it was still nice to get our boy out to the festival, to people watch and soak in some Lafayette and international culture. I can guarantee that we'll have much more fun next year.

Will and Momma exploring the fountain.

Getting less and less excited about the spray.

Dad got too close.

"Seriously, can't you think of something more fun to do next time?"

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