Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tastes Like Chicken

Lately Will has picked up an awful habit, one that we're sure parents from the beginning of time have had to learn to deal with. What I'm referring to of course is picking his nose. When Will was little we would hold him down and remove any booger that was blocking his nasal passage, but now Will has learned that he can do it all by himself. We often find him riding in the car or sitting amongst his toys just picking away.

Well beyond the nose picking habit, Will has also decided that tasting his boogers is also enjoyable. We can tolerate the picking to a point, but the enjoying is really gross! The other day Krissy asked Will, after he had just snuck a booger in his mouth, "What does your booger taste like?" He quickly replied, "Like chicken Mama." There you have it, our kid is a booger eating cono sur.
I wonder what wine he would recommend with his boogers?

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