Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Caped Crusader

Gotham City's best line of defense against crime! Yes the costume is cheap, but boy does Will take on the persona of Batman when he puts it on!

One day something weird happened, out of nowhere our sweet little boy William Pierce disappeared into his room. Then not five seconds later another little boy equally as cute but wearing a towel over his head appeared and pronounced himself as "Batmen!" Yes, Batmen not Batman.

Honestly, we have no idea where this came from. Neither Krissy or I have watched Batman recently or have really ever even discussed superheros. I'm sure this is something he picked up from Eli and Ezra, but that doesn't even make much sense. Regardless it appears that Batman is now a part of the Pierce family. If we used the word obsessed to describe Will's interest in the Caped Crusader, we wouldn't be that far off. Initially the only time Batman would appear is following bath time. When we would dry Will off using his hooded towels, he would pretend that they are Batman's cape. Once dry he would run around the room yelling "Batmen!" punching the air and jumping off the furniture until it was time to get his pajamas on. For a while, that was the extent of the Dark Knight's presence.

Then one day I decided it would be fun to try to find some old Adam West 1960's "Batman" TV episodes on YouTube. Boy was that a mistake!!! After watching only a few minutes of the show with Will, I was transformed in Will's mind from his loving, caring Dad into the sinister Riddler or "Ridder" as Will calls me. No I couldn't be Robin or even Alfred. I had to be a bad guy and chase Will around and around and around until Batman decided it was time to tackle me (though I am now physically exhausted from being the Riddler, the joy on Will's face is worth every second). For a while my name wasn't even Daddy. If you asked Will who I am, his response would immediately be "Daddy Ridder." No one was sparred. Krissy soon became Batgeeurl (Batgirl) and Lulu was Batdoggy. Even Will's clothes and other things were given very 1960's "Batman" names. Diapers were now Batdiapers and boots now Batboots. Will had adopted the ways of Batman like a brainwashed disciple. I've since introduced him to the other villains, and we enjoy 10 minutes here and there watching the old reruns and laughing at the horrible acting and props.

Of course we knew that when we asked Will what he wanted to be for Halloween what his answer would be. Of course he would go as Batman, but news to us, Daddy would have to wear Riddler's outfit and Krissy Batgirl's. Unfortunately Riddler wears spandex and the only Batgirl costumes you can find are a bit on the risque side. I'm sure you'll see how that all pans out on October 31st. I'm still looking for ways to be the Joker or Penguin. Both of them don't have to be squeezed into their costumes.

Little boys and their imaginations are so much fun, and with Will approaching two and half, our play time together will only continue to get more elaborate and exciting. We still see Will from time to time, but we've grown accustomed to having a superhero living among us.

An early version of Batman's costume. I think this is the western gunslinger style.

Batman and his protective eye wear.

Batman and Batdog discussing ways to foil the Riddler's plans. Notice the small Batman and Riddler toys.

"I'm Batmen!"

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