Sunday, August 5, 2012

Little Bean 2.0!

That's right, we're having a second child!!! While I was away in Salt Lake City, UT for a conference, Krissy discovered that she was pregnant with our send little angel. This news came as quite a surprise, as we weren't really trying, and because we were working out what were thought were some complications with getting pregnant. Well, I guess everything is working better than we could have hoped for!

You always hear about these great reveal stories, how one spouse tells their partner that their pregnant. How about this... I'm 2,000 miles away busy in the middle of a crazy conference, and because I'm not answering my phone, Krissy texts me a picture of the pee stick. Romantic... not so much. The reality of this amazingly shocking news in today's hyper-busy, tech world... just as you'd suspect someone would share the news. To say that I was ready to get back home and blow of the rest of conference would have been an understatement.

This news really is awesome!!! After trying and not trying, and worrying and not worrying for almost exactly two years, we finally got the right news we had been wanting for a while. Now our attention turns to keeping Little Bean 2.0 healthy and getting the news to sink in to Will. He gets to be a BIG brother, but what will he think about sharing the spotlight?

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