Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always love the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving and this year was particularly special as Ben’s parents took a road trip down here to spend this day of thanks with our little family.  They arrived mid-afternoon and walked into a living room full of pink balloons to reveal the gender of our upcoming arrival.  As predicted, they were extremely excited to hear they were getting their first granddaughter.  

After settling in, we headed over to my parents house to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.   I managed to go 30 years without having to cook Thanksgiving Dinner and hope to go many more! Hehe…  Plus, nobody can top my Mom’s Thanksgiving meal as she did learn from the best, my Mee-moe!  Anyway, after giving much thanks and stuffing our bellies to the fullest it was time to go home.

The next few days with Grammy and Grandpup were action packed with constant playing of toys, reading of books, and opening of early Christmas presents.  He loved them all, but his favorite presents were the wreck it ralph hands and superhero costumes!  Grammy also got to spend special time with Will at Clayfish Bisque where he painted her a ceramic plate.  

Also during the visit, we went out to Lake Fausse Point State Park.  We had a little picnic and rented canoes to paddle the lake.  The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone had a great time.

Thanksgiving came and went, and as always Grammy and Grandpup’s visit went by too quickly.  It actually felt like a mini vacation for Ben and me as they kept our very high strung and active 3 year old very busy playing.  Hey, that’s what grandparents are for right?  :)  We definitely enjoyed their company very much and look forward to their next visit to Lafayette in the spring to meet their new granddaughter!

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