Thursday, December 27, 2012

That's Wunny!

Over the last few months as Will’s speech has developed, we have noticed some problems he has been having with certain letters.  While this may worry some parents, Ben and I find it quite amusing and are chalking it up to him simply repeating bad speech habits.  He can say the sounds independently, but when put with certain words they come out differently.  Enjoy the following quirky words and/or sayings from our little man.

He replaces all 'f' sounds at the beginning of words with 'w'  (i.e.  “That’s wunny  (funny) Mom and Dad!” and “I warted (farted).” “Wishing (Fishing) or Wishes (Fishes)” )

He relaces the 'd' sound at the beginning of the words with 'g' (i.e. “gog” (dog) and “guck” (duck) )

He replaces the 't' sound at the beginning of some words with 'c' or 'k' (i.e. “Kiger” (tiger) )

He also says “uhcause” (because).

We  do realize he needs to learn the correct way to say these letters, so we make a point to repeat the word correctly to him, but don’t try to push the issue as we don’t want him to become self conscious about his speech.  The funniest thing he says when we repeat a word correctly to him is “Don’t arg-uh-loo (argue) with me Mom and Dad!”

I love this kid! 

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