Thursday, September 5, 2013

Won't Be Long Now!

Lily is just itching to scoot across the floor these days.  Whenever I leave the room for a few seconds I come back to find her in a completely different spot then where I left her.  She moves in two different adorable ways.

One way she likes to get from point a to b is by rolling.  This is particularly cute as I don't remember Will ever doing this.  If she spots something out of her reach, Lily will roll her way across the floor, front to back until she reaches her final destination.

Lily's second method of mobility is rotating her body around in a circle as if her belly button is on top of a pole and she simply spins around to reach the various objects around her.  For example, I put her toy just out of her reach in an attempt to get her to scoot, but instead she looked around, noticed Will's toys on the other side of her, and quickly rotated until his action figures were in her grasp.

We know Lily crawling is just around the corner, and of course want her to develop as she should, but can someone please slow time down?  She's growing up way too fast!

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