Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chunky Monkey

Sweet girl loves to eat.  By 3 or 4 weeks she was already drinking 4 oz bottles at a feeding and once she started solids it was on.  From rice cereal to oatmeal to all of the veggies, she loves it all and opens her mouth like a little bird as soon as she sees the spoon.  During the first week of solid foods she was only supposed to eat 1/2 a jar and gradually work up to a full jar by day 5.  Instead, she ate an entire jar on day 1 and by day 2 ate 2 jars at a sitting plus a 5 oz bottle.  One would think she would last longer between feedings after that much food, but after her regular 3 hours, she was hungry again.  Even though I'm not supposed to give her fruits until 6 months old, I have already let her taste cantelope and she eats grapes and bananas thru food strainers.  She is definitely our good eater.  I think it's because she uses so much energy trying to keep up with her crazy big brother.
Carrots are yummy!

She loves her oatmeal.

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