Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Round 2 with the Byrd's

As most of you know we had Will while living up in Alexandria, LA and while there we met the Byrd Family who had their son, Ayden just 13 days before Will.  Ever since our boys' births and even after we moved back to Lafayette, we have made it a point to get together often so our boys can continue the bond they developed since birth.  And now, with the addition of our Lily, and their Eli, we continue the tradition.

Back in July, early August of 2012 Ben and I were extremely excited to learn of our second pregnancy (after nearly a year of trying and no luck).  Being very excited, but only being 5 weeks, Ben and I knew it was just too early to tell anybody.  However, it just so happens that night Gaynell and I were texting back and forth about the day to day goings on in our lives and towards the end of the conversation she mentioned she really wanted to talk to us.  Knowing that they were also wanting to have another baby, the thought popped into our heads..."Oh my goodness.  They're pregnant too!"  And sure enough, I asked her if she had something to tell me and she said they were 5 weeks or so pregnant and I was like, "Me too!!!"

And so was the beginning of pregnancy number two for both of us.  Gaynell was definitely the lucky one this go round as she had a seemingly seamless pregnancy with the few typical issues here and there while I had to have an ultrasound practically every other week in the first trimester as well as a couple trips to the er and numerous scares with bleeding.  Anyhoo, as time rolled on, we eventually found out they were having another boy and we were having a girl, which we discussed at length over one of our traditional weekend dinners at Coyote Blues.

Before you know it, our nine months were up and unlike last time, we were the ones to deliver first.  Lily, born on March 26, 2012 and Eli Luke born April 3, 2013, 8 days later.  And it wasn't until May 5th that things finally settled down for both of us enough that our second sweet babies got to meet each other.  As you can see from the pictures they are both beautiful and will definitely be life long friends (we have ruled out them being boyfriend and girlfriend as we don't want it to get complicated ;)  We look forward to them developing a close friendship like their older brothers have with each other.  And I am still holding out hope for convincing Ben to have a third child and hope they follow suit ;)  I guess only time will tell.
Proud Mommas
Proud big brothers

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