Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's in a name?

We finally decided on a name for our little guy (even though we'll still call him Little Bean). He is going to be named after my Pawpaw, who passed away last January, and take Ben's middle name. We went round and round with the cutesy names, but both agreed certain names are cute when they are babies, but eventually little boys do grow up to become men, so we wanted something classic and strong.

Below are some pics of Ben and I getting the letters for his name ready and a pic of his crib. We are so excited!!!!!!

William (Will) Joseph Pierce


  1. I love that! The name is great, I LOVE family names, they mean so much. And I love the little animals on the letters, HOW EXCITING!! We can't wait to see pictures of this, not so little bean of yours! And how fun will it be laying that little bundle in the room that has been so lovingly prepared for him.

  2. I think it's a great name...I've always loved the name Will! What an exciting time. The weeks just before Natalie was born were such a special time. It's like the quiet calm before the adventure begins, except you don't realize it's the quiet calm until it's no longer quiet. Be sure to do stuff as a couple the next few weeks before it becomes challenging to do so. See a movie, go to a quiet restaurant...and sleep in on a Saturday morning!! We'll be thinking of you! Oh, and the bed/bedding/letters/colors...I love it all!

  3. You look great Krissy! Darling nursery. We are so excited for you guys!
    Destinee and Ryan