Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast!

I was just cleaning bottles and turned around to see Will in his baby swing, and it just hit me how big he has gotten since the first time he was in there. Of course I love seeing him thrive, but the time is going by too fast, and it certainly is true that they don't stay small for long. It also just reminded me of how lucky and blessed I feel to be able to stay home with my little guy so I won't miss a moment. (Our checkbook doesn't feel as lucky,but oh well. Ha! Besides, Peanut Butter and Jelly makes both a good lunch and dinner, plus a good friend of ours reminded us that there are endless amounts of things you can make with hamburger and elbow macaroni. Thanks Mrs. Hopper!) All joking aside, thanks again Darlin for encouraging and supporting our decision to stay home with Will. It truly means the world to us! We love you.

Here are some pictures to show how much Will has grown...

4/27/09 (1 month)

8/20/09 (4 1/2 months)
Notice the feet kicking out and the grip and mouth on toys.

4/13/09 (12 days old)

8/14/09 (4 1/2 months)

7/4/09 (3 months)

8/18/09 (4 months)
It's amazing how much strength he has gained in his back, neck, and legs in just one month.

More comparisons to follow (my computer is not wanting to post pics right now for some reason.)

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  1. It goes SO fast! I am already seeing how big Etta is getting, she is even growing out of some of her newborn outfits. It is really good, but sad too.