Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Tummy Bug :(

On Tuesday around noon, Will started feeling really warm so I decided to take his temperature and the arterial thermometer read 101.6 degrees. And, due to being a first time mom, the waterworks started. I knew he would be okay, but the idea that your baby is sick makes you feel terrible because they can't verbally tell you what's wrong.

Of course I immediately called the doctor, and they told me to give him Tylenol as I suspected they would say. As the day progressed, I noticed Will had quite the tummy issues, and without having to give you too many details realized he was on the verge of his first tummy virus. (I know technically it's a stomach, but tummy is way cuter.) From Tuesday through Thursday Will's little tummy virus did not let up, and it being Thursday evening now, has not gone away completely. Wednesday evening was definitely the worst as he was up until about 2:00 am with various symptoms, and then up again at 5:30 am again. Even Ben was up at 12:30 am on the phone with me just making sure he was okay. (He was still in Alexandria.) Needless to say, Will and I had a great nap today.

So there you have it...3 days so far of Will's first little tummy bug. The funny thing of it is, our sweet baby boy smiled throughout the whole thing, and never let it get him down. But, I must say he required a lot more snuggle time with mommy (as if he doesn't get enough already...) But, as I can recall from my childhood when you're sick all you want is someone to love on you and just hold you until you feel better.

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