Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I cannot believe it is already here, but Will is a little over 5 months and is starting to explore solid foods beyond rice cereal. So, this will be an ongoing post as he tries out different foods.

9/9/09 - Carrots
Verdict: He sucked them down. However, he didn't even react differently when he ate them so I don't know if he could even tell the difference between the carrots and his rice cereal.

9/20/09 - Sweet Potatoes (sweet taters)
Verdict: Loved them. Notice the thumb going straight to his mouth. He does that after the spoon is pulled out of his mouth.

9/25/09 - Squash
Verdict: Thought about it for a minute, but then decided he liked them.

9/29/09 - Green Beans
Verdict: He made a sour looking face for the first few bites, but once he got used to the different flavor, he sucked them down.

10/2/09 - Bananas (nanas)
Verdict: Could've licked the jar if we let him. Every bite was accompanied by "MMMmmm," and he had his mouth opened before I could fill the spoon each bite.

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