Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Boy is Crawling!

It's official, Will has learned to crawl!

For the last month or so Will had been moving across the floor in what we called "the worm" motion. Basically, he would get up on his hands and knees and lunge forward, belly-flopping onto the floor. He would perform this process over and over until he made it to whatever object he wanted. On Monday October 12th, Will made his first attempt a a real crawling movement, synchronizing his arms and legs from the hands and knees position, moving a couple feet. By Thursday Will had learned how to crawl across the room, and as we write this on Sunday, he has gotten faster and even learned to balance so well in the crawling position that he is pulling up on objects. Basically, life just got a lot more interesting! Nothing is safe, as Will wants whatever Krissy and I have, and will stop at nothing to get it. If we're sitting on the floor, he's climbing on top of us, trying to give kisses, or reaching for items on the couch.

Please click the video below to see Will's crawling progress as of Thursday.

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