Monday, October 26, 2009

A Temper Tantrum? Not Our Sweet Angel

Anyone who has met Will can attest that he is one sweet boy. Very loving, curious, always moving, but rarely fussy and whiney. Well...

Tonight, just like every night, Krissy gave Will a bath while I picked up around the house and started to get everything settled for bedtime. As I started to clean bottles, I could hear my little man whimpering in the bathroom. This was very odd, seeing as Will loves his baths. I thought that maybe he had gotten some soap in his eyes, or even worse, bumped his head against the tub. I put down what I was doing to investigate, and to my surprise, Will was sitting in Krissy's lap trying to escape her grasp, grabbing for his rubber ducky. He was completely distraught by the fact that Mr. Ducky kept floating away from him every time he tried to pick him up. To confirm that this was an actual tantrum, we would give Will the ducky and he would be completely calm. Then (I know this is mean) we would take it away from him and place it back in the water just out of his reach. On cue, the tears and cries would start up again, until he once more retrieved his bath toy.

Not that this tantrum was a big deal, it was more entertaining than anything bad, but it was a sign that with Will's recent abilities to further explore his world, tantrums are soon to be a common occurrence in the Pierce household.

"Mom, seeing as 90% of the laundry is mine, I figured I could lend you a hand."

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