Saturday, December 5, 2009

Messy Eating Phase

It seems that as Will's independence has grown, so have his "bad habits". Lately, feeding time has become a game for Will, and a food shower for me and Krissy. Seriously, we should probably start wearing a raincoat, goggles and a swimmer's cap when he eats.

For some reason, our sweet boy has decided that it's really funny to
make spitting noises when he eats baby food. The process of us getting soaked works like this. As we go to feed him, Will always obliges by opening his mouth nice and wide, taking in a big spoonful of food. Then, when we go to reload the spoon, Will, who hasn't swallowed, waits for us to turn towards him, so he can make a spitting noise, and spray food all over us and the kitchen. This isn't just a one time deal either, and it's not like he's doing it on accident. At least for me, for the past couple weeks, every meal I feed Will turns my shirt into a Jackson Pollock painting. Krissy has asked me to mention, that although she's gotten a baby food shower when she feeds Will, her occurrences are far less frequent. Lucky me! Anyway, to explain what I mean by how these noises aren't just accidents, and how this really is a game for him, Will has actually learned when is the appropriate time to spit, and what an open target looks like. For instance, I've attempted to block the food by putting the spoon in front of his mouth, and have found that this technique actually works! But, on the chance that I remove it too soon, he immediately takes advantage of the situation and spits again, giving me the biggest of smiles! Man this kid is both hilarious and messy!!!

"Gotcha Mommy!"

Jackson Pollock's new canvas... Will's face!

Lining up his target and getting read to blow!

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