Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones...

"They're a modern stoneage family."

In the morning we usually let Will watch a PBS cartoon program called "Dinosaur Train." He really seems to enjoy learning about dinosaurs (just like his Dad did), so this year for Halloween we decided that he should dress like a dinosaur. We found a really nice costume at Toys 'R Us and fell in love with him in it. Watching him walk around wagging his tail and growling was just too cute!

Being the involved and dorky parents that we are, we decided that we had to compliment Will's costume, so we decided to accompany him as the Flintstones. I guess Will was our Dino even though he didn't look exactly like him.

Trick or Treating this year was a lot more fun than last year. First because we have our own house and neighborhood, but second because Will is now so much more into the fun of holidays. This year we had the whole family over, including my parents, Krissy's parents, the Hoovers, and Corey, Stacy and Noah.

Our little Dino took to Trick or Treating like a pro! Once he got over being shy at the first house or two he learned very quickly that by being a sweet little boy he could really collect some candy! It didn't hurt that Fred and Wilma are big fans of chocolate bars and pushed, I mean encouraged him to visit as many homes as possible. I think even more than the candy, Will just liked being in the middle of all of the fun. Having the family constantly telling him how cute he was and having people smiling at him at every house put him in a good mood. Such a good mood that our little dinosaur was still running around the neighborhood well past the point that we thought he could make it.

Following the Trick or Treating, everyone stayed over at our house to grill hamburgers and watch the Saints game. It was a little packed in our tiny house, but I think everyone had a good time. We can't wait for next Halloween as I'm sure Will is going to be even more excited and involved in all the fun!

Nonna, Wilma, and Dino.

Taking a break from walking.

Snacking on candy between houses.

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