Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On your mark... Get set... Go!!!

One day I came home from lunch, and low and behold, Will and Elena were racing around the house. They weren't just running around randomly, they were actually racing!

Krissy told me that when she was watching them, they just started racing. They both would walk over to our refrigerator, lean their backs against it, and then Elena would make two grunting noises ("on your mark" and "get set") before shouting "Go!" Before I knew it, they were both running side by side across the kitchen, around our column, through the living room, and then back to the refrigerator. Once they were both back together, they would again lean against the fridge, look at each other as to say, "You wanna race?," and then Elena would start the race countdown over again.

One of the funniest things was watching Will get a jump start on Elena's "Go!" If Elena would delay just a second from saying go, Will would anticipate her call, and start running without her. Most times he would be a half room in front of her before she was ready to race.

The great thing about all the racing for parents like me and Krissy is that Will enjoys racing with us just as much has he does with Elena. We've had a great time racing around the house laughing and screaming! Let's just hope no one gets a flat and runs into the wall.

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