Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hot Springs Village Vacation

This post is way overdue, but better late than never.

Towards the end of June, Ben, Will and I joined my family on a vacation to Hot Springs Village, AK. We stayed in a beautiful lake house in the gated community of Hot Springs Village. It was wonderful as within the community there were multiple golf courses, pools, lakes, tennis courts, etc. You name it, it was there...

On Sunday, we decided to head to downtown Hot Springs so we could actually see the Hot Springs. While downtown, we took a duck tour on both land and water, and did the touristy things like mini golf, go karts, and visited the wax museum. We also took in a little history of the city at the tourists center and felt the actual Hot Springs water. Of course, the idea of the hot springs was neat, but being that it was in the upper 90s there anyway, just a dip of the finger in the water sufficed for us. That afternoon, Ben, Will, and I rode the elevator to the top of the observation tower which overlooked what seemed like all of Arkansas. Will enjoyed running around the circle at the top and giving Ben and I both near heart attacks.

During our stay, we also took a side trip to Magic and Crystal Springs Amusement/Waterpark. The crowds were minimal, and the rides were so much fun, which made for an amazing day. Will enjoyed the kiddie rides, but his favorite was sliding down the kid water slides into the pool below. He was so cute. Thank goodness he enjoys amusement and water parks as much as his parents do :)

Another day was spent on Lake Balboa, which was one of the lakes located within the village. We rented a pontoon boat and spent the afternoon tubing, swimming, and just cruising around the water. The lake was crystal clear and the temperature was absolutely perfect. Will much preferred riding the boat to the tubing, so he spent most of his time in Nonna's lap.

Towards the end of the week we visited a Science museum that was very cool and the kids had a wonderful time.

In between all of our fun activities, we spent a lot of time swimming in the lake at the house, and fishing. The men played quite a few rounds of golf, and most importantly, we just played it low key and relaxed.

A fun vacation was had by all :)

Enjoying the view from the tower... after feeling like vomiting while riding the glass elevator all the way up.

History buff.

Nothing's more exciting than a Duck Tour. I mean what beats a truck/boat that has a max speed of 20mph on land and 2 mph in the water? Hold on to your hats!

The cousins by one of the hot springs. Yes, the springs are very hot!

Bonding in an old dirty bath house!

The water felt great, despite his face.

Swimming in the lake. We were the only ones doing this. Seeing and feeling our "lake itch" at the end of our visit, we now know why.

After striking out during our last fishing trip, Ben was the big winner this time!

High speeds on the water and a nine year old Eli behind the wheel.

Great time, but it was a bit cramped. Our driver did a fantastic job!

Will's favorite spot on the boat.

Poppa and Ezra "The Dare-devil" Hoover.

The big lake was much nicer than the small one.

Bebe fixing her hair on the tube. Let's just say we weren't flying around the lake.

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