Monday, July 18, 2011

Aunt Carrie and Uncle Ryan get Hitched!

On July 12, Ben, myself, and Will headed up and over to Dallas for Carrie and Ryan's wedding. We arrived in Dallas at around 2:00 am on Thursday morning, and wouldn't you know our little booger was up and ready to play when we stopped at the hotel.

Thursday came around quickly and we rushed to get to Carrie's so we could see everyone including Carrie, Ryan, Grammy, and Apaw. Once we arrived, the wedding festivities took over and it seemed to go by in a flash. The girls spent the afternoon getting our nails done while the men got their tuxes taken care of and played around the house. Before we knew it we were already at the rehearsal and dinner, which was just lovely. Will looked absolutely precious in his Ring Bearer Jersey. Thanks Aunt Carrie for getting it for him!

Before we knew it Friday, the wedding day, had arrived and everything was a hustle and bustle. The girls were doing their hair and makeup, the boys were swimming at the hotel, and the last minute odds and ends were being taken care of. Time kept rolling fast and within a flash the limo bus had picked us up and we were going to the chapel to see Carrie and Ryan get hitched. The ceremony was absolutely perfect and even though Will didn't make it down the aisle by himself, he was definitely the cutest ring bearer ever.

The reception followed and we (including Will of course) danced the night away. And yes, my little man made it again until 2:00 am without so much as a whimper. He was all smiles all night long and we were given many compliments about how awesome and well behaved he was. Insert proud parent smiles here...

Both the ceremony and the reception went off without a hitch and Carrie and Ryan's "Do-It-Yourself" Wedding was stunning and perfectly executed. In short, it was so them.

We had an absolute blast and are so happy to have Ryan in the family. We look forward to watching their little family grow as ours has.

Congratulations Carrie and Ryan on your wedding. Enjoy this amazing new journey in life together! We love you!

Enjoying the rehearsal dinner!

The RB (Ring Bearer) was all smiles! He put on a good show for everyone.

Proud parents of the bride, Ammy and A-paw.

The beautiful couple after the ceremony.

All cleaned up!

The names Pierce, William Pierce.

Ammy with her favorite date.

Gramps, Daddy and one worn out little dancer.

Will with Dadda and Grandma Dee after the reception.

Someone had a good time!

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