Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's (Pretend) School Time!

We love school! (When Mommy is teaching it)

One of the many perks of being a stay at home mom is that I get to play a major role in Will's early education. In the beginning, when trying to teach Will new letters, numbers, sounds, or what have you, I found it very difficult as he naturally would not be able to focus for any amount of time, as was expected of a very active toddler. As a result, I decided to start playing school with him and his little stuffed friends, which has proved to be very effective.

Each morning, Will and I go into his room and pull out his various classmates that he enjoys learning with. Spongebob is always the first chosen, followed by Barney, Orange Man, and Curious George. We line them all up against his bed and Will sits in line with them, always covering himself up with a blanket.

We then begin our so called lessons, identifying and sorting shapes and colors, reviewing picture cards, and reviewing letter sounds and completing our alphabet puzzle and counting items. As we go through our routine, I always ask "the class" the questions and Will answers for them. He then takes whatever is in my hands and passes them out to his friends accordingly.

Once school is over, which basically happens when Will decides it is over, he typically throws his friends back in their basket and they don't come out until the next school session.

Hopefully he will find school just as exciting when he actually starts going with real classmates:)

Working on the letter "A"

It must be nice to go to school in Toy Story pajamas!

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