Friday, July 23, 2010

Drive-way Finger Painting

Everyday when I come home from work I am amazed at the things Krissy and Will have done. She always seems to have some great new game or art project for him to work on. We all know what an amazing artist (I mean doodler) Krissy is, but that doesn't stop her from letting Will explore with paints, markers, chalk, and glue. He loves what ever messy thing she'll let him have.

Since it is so hot during the day, most of the outdoor art activities tend to take place during the evening. That, and because Will usually gets so messy that letting him spread his artistic wings would destroy the house. We recently introduced Will to finger painting and he can't get enough of it. He's gotten good at mixing the colors, smeering them on paper and cardboard, and really cooling himself off by rubbing the paint all over his belly. The awesome thing about Will's love of finger painting is that he can get as messy as he wants and all we have to do is hose him off!

As much fun as Will had with the paint, you'd never know it by his face.

Finger painting usually turns into body painting :)

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