Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Will the Toolman Taylor

After what feels like weeks and weeks of boxes, we are finally starting to make progress on some of our rooms. One of the rooms that had a high priority to us was Will's room. We were both excited for him to finally have his own space, and of course we wanted to finally create a nursery that we never had the chance to have.

We had arranged the furniture just the way we liked it and had gotten some items on the walls, when we realized that something was missing... a play table for Will. So, we went to the store and got him a picnic/art table. With Will around, "to do" lists seem to take a little bit longer to complete, but because we wanted him to have his table set up, I decided to put it together while he was in the room with me. To no surprise, our little helper came running over screaming to assist me with screwing the pieces together. What did surprise me though, was Will's ability to use a screwdriver. He wasn't strong enough to actually rotate the screw, but his hand-eye coordination was spot on, and he kept putting the end of the screwdriver right onto the screw. It was amazing! We worked for a good 30 minutes (on a project that could have taken 5), but had a great time, and now have a nice new table to stand on... I mean sit on.

Will with his trusty screwdriver, ready to get to work.

Will getting really involved in the build.

This kid knows what he's doing!

Checking the stability of the table

Trial run at dinner. A job well done!

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