Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our New House!

What seemed like an eternity to I'm sure all parties involved, has finally come to an end, as we finally found ourselves our own place to live. It seemed at many times like it wasn't meant to be. Who's counting how many offers we made (5) and how long it took (6 months). What's important is that all of our junk is now out of our three storage units (Grammy and Grandpa's garage/house, Nonna and Poppa's house, and Poppa's storage unit). Thanks for the low monthly rates!

Our new house is in south Lafayette, technically Milton/Youngsville, and isn't very far from the grandparents. It's a little longer of a drive into work for Ben then he's been used to having, but he still finds time to come home for lunch when he doesn't have a meeting. The house is much smaller than we were originally looking for, but seems to suit our purposes just fine. It's a typical newish construction with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It's also in a quaint neighborhood, which is a big plus for our daily walks with Lulu, and has a good sized backyard based on other lots in the area.

Bar none, the best thing about the house is the fact that Will has his own room! We've already got it setup and it looks great. Having a place to throw all his toys is nice too.

Well, we're off to go unpack some more boxes (Read: sit on the couch and watch TV).

Lulu helping with the move.

Will has loved playing more than working... go figure.

Our first uninvited visitor, Uncle Corey!

Looking around seeing items that don't belong in a kitchen.

More work ahead.

Will showing his excitement about the new place. Lulu, not so much.

The new pad.

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