Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Little Artist

Our picnic table/art table has been a huge hit! Not only is Will feeling like a big boy when he eats his meals on it, he also loves spending time drawing beautiful pictures on it. His current media of choice (by the choice of his Momma) is chalk. It's so versatile! Not only does it draw on paper concrete and garage doors, it also serves as a light snack, as it is apparently very very tasty.

Will's skills with using chalk has improved greatly since he was introduced to it earlier in the summer. He understands how to hold it and how to make some great lines and squiggles on whatever he is given to draw on. When I come home from work, there are typically three or four amazing works of art ready for me to view and enjoy. Both Krissy and I like to join him in drawing whether we're inside or out on the driveway.

We're so proud of our little artist!

"What would you like me to draw? Squiggles and lines. You got it!"

The way Will chews on chalk, you'd think they make it with sugar.

A masterpiece in the making.

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