Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Firsts and Lasts (Bittersweet)

I read a blog a few months back that talked about children's milestones and the author made a great point about how parents, especially with the first child, are so excited about what’s around the corner in terms of milestones and cannot wait for all of the “firsts” to happen.  The writer then goes on to explain how waiting for all the “firsts” to happen results in parents paying little or no attention to the “lasts,” which she emphasized are equally important.  For example, the last time they roll over, crawl, coo, or take a bottle to name a few.  I really enjoyed the article, as I have always been careful not to wish time away, especially when it comes to my kids.  I have always soaked in every second because I knew it would go way faster than I ever wanted it to.  And it has, even more so with Lily than Will.  When Will was little, I felt time went perfectly, not too fast, not too slow.  I got to take it all in with him.  I take it all in with Lily now as well, but it seems to be flying by so much faster as I now have two kids to focus on instead of one.  After reading the article, I immediately knew I wanted to write an ongoing post to capture both the firsts and the lasts of our sweet girl throughout the early years as she hits many of her important milestones.  So, here goes nothing...

First:  May 29, 2013 - 2 Months Old
Last:  October 18, 2013 - Almost 7 Months Old

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