Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

This Halloween was super fun, and extremely busy. I am the room mom this year at Asbury, so I was in charge of their Halloween party.  It was a success and the kids had a wonderful time. A few days before Halloween the weather was predicted to be rainy on Halloween night so many surrounding Youngsville/Milton neighborhoods decided to have Trick or Treating a night early. So, we decided to head down the street to Miramar so the kids could get a little Trick or Treating in. Thank goodness we did, as it literally rained hard all day and through trick or treating time on Halloween night. Since it was raining, we decided to make the best of it and carved pumpkins instead.

One of the games I created for Will's class.  (Thanks Pinterest).
Will eating some Halloween grub.
Sweet Bug.
Nonna enjoying the class party with her babies.
Trick or Treating in Miramar.  By the way, this was one of three costumes Will wore throughout the week, none of which were a Ninja Turtle which he originally wanted to be.  Thank goodness Grammy and Grampup gave him some superhero costumes last year for Christmas.
The scary zombie.

Waiting for Will's class to come through at Asbury's Halloween Parade.  She's giving me the "You want a piece of me?" look.
She loved carving pumpkins.  She especially liked pulling the
slimy pumpkin guts out and tried to eat the seeds.
Not wanting to share with brother.
Who needs Trick or Treating when you can carve pumpkins with Daddy?

The end result. Will designed the one on the left. 
Daddy's design was on the back of that one, and mine was on the right.

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